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The Music Man Marketing Campaign

Meredith Wilson's The Music Man in a classic American musical that finds charming con-man Harold Hill arriving in the staid town of River City, posing as a band leader in order to sell instruments to a non-existent marching band. Despite his apparent success with his scheme, he falls for the no-nonsense local librarian and is forced to make good on his promise to the townspeople after all.

This was our first time working with Central Florida Community Arts to create a campaign for their Summer Broadway Concert Series. In our approach the overall look and feel of the campaign, we wanted to get to the root of what made this story unique. The character of Harold Hill brings new life to the "stubborn" town and changes people's views on their neighbors, their lives, and what becomes possible when they unite as a community. 


Kicking off the overall design concept, we took all of the color out of the publicity photos except for the actors. This art direction carried over to the poster artwork and production design onstage. In a sepia world, Harold Hill brought color to the people of River City. The campaign set the stage for future production in this series raised the bar for theatrical marketing in the Orlando arts community. 


  • ​Creative Direction

  • Visual Design 

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Photo Shoot Direction & Styling

  • Photography

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